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by Ssregina Regina (2019-03-29)

So what's your "relationship" Hypnosis Live Review with the word "no"? What does "no" bring up for you? When you do what you love, take care of yourself and even embrace "no," you move. If you want something badly and believe in it with your whole heart - you keep going. That "yes" may not be right here, right now --- but you never know when you're going to match up with the right resounding YES. And you never know how much better that YES is going to be because of the original NO. Allies and champions are ALL around - it's the mindset, the attitude and our willingness to lean in to our own edges that help us find them.A meager existence in a limited environment does not have to be our destiny. We should find the purpose of living and change things for the better. In fact, there is abundant supply of anything we can conceive of. We must only know how to tap it. Of course, it can be learnt. We just have to understand a few natural techniques and put them into practice religiously till our needs are fulfilled. It is not imperative to crave for the highest things. But it helps to aim high.We should so alter our mode of thinking as to align ourselves with the all-pervading forces of nature that can provide all we need.We must be self-sufficient on the material plan to grow mentally. A hungry man hardly prays. You can create very harmonious conditions around you that will permit you to succeed, in almost any material pursuit, by a slight adjustment in your way of thinking. The correct thought process brings the desired results. Forget for a moment all your problems. Let us start with the thought that you are free to do whatever you wish to, and that all things are possible. These may seem very simple changes, but they are not.