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Success Is A Choice

by vathan diva (2019-03-29)

In using Archery as a meditative practice,  Zen12 when the arrow misses the bullseye, the archer does not look at the bow, the arrow, or any other reason for the miss, he looks at himself. What was wrong in his posture, breathing, or mental focus. It is his fault, not the person who made the bow or the string or the wind. Such is the same in our difficulties in this world. If you have a business or personal difficulty, then first you must examine where you made an error which gave someone the opportunity to cheat you, or in the case of no fault of your own, to look inwards at your mental and emotional response. Did you convince yourself to avoid seeing the obvious, not accepting the situation? Perhaps the fault is yours for not acknowledging the signs.

Are you boiling in your own juices and therefore stuck in one pot, or are you being a good chef and just dumping the food that got burnt and making a new batch, freely moving around the kitchen, and when your job there is done, to go anywhere in the house and beyond. This is the lesson from the Islamic teaching, "Trust in God, but tie your camel." Or perhaps the Latin saying written before Christ was born, "Caveat Emptor" Buyer beware. If it has been this way for thousands of years, why are you upset as if it should not be this way now?

Taking a recent example from my life, a friend was following me into town, we each had our own cars and she didn't know the way to our destination. She was following me in heavy traffic and as we approached our destination, we got separated, but fortunately she very intelligently went to a nearby coffee shop that we frequent, which was what I hoped for, and we met there. She was rather upset with me that I had turned and she did not have the chance to follow, a perfect situation for a fight. Instead of reacting to her, I just calmly explained that there was nothing I could do in traffic and that since we met up here, it all worked out OK in the end. No fight.

The point of the story is to say that we often engage in a fight when we feel guilty and know we made a mistake. She was right that I should have indicated I was going to turn far earlier than I did so she would have had the chance to stay with me, and I admitted I was wrong, but limited due to traffic. By being objective about the situation and not engaging in a fight, the subject vanished before it became a problem. Life is like that, there are many situations that we get into either by our own actions or by circumstance, and it is our own doing that builds a battle. If you could accept all things in this world as perfectly right, then you would not get upset or feel attacked. This is not a perfect world, it has its own way of functioning which is not in alignment with our hopes and dreams of the perfect world and perfect people. Accept that you do not know what is always ultimately right.