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by Ssregina Regina (2019-03-29)

To help you find the path to Zen12 Review success, answer the seven questions below. With these questions in your tool box, you are more likely to achieve your goal(s).Is your goal clear or fuzzy? - People who are going someplace have a goal. Those with clear and specific goals greatly increase their chances of success. That's because it's unlikely that anyone can hit the target, when the target is not clearly defined. Put your goal in writing. Make it perfectly clear. Define the steps that will lead to your goal. Then, assign deadlines and performance requirements for each step.Is the goal important to you? - When the goal and the required steps are clear and important to you, it is more likely that you will devote the energy and effort needed for success. However, if a goal is not personally important, you will have a tendency to hang back and withhold the commitment that is required for success. When that happens, you can either revise your goal or move on to a more critical goal. Nothing can prevent you from achieving goals that are truly important to you. Those are the goals you should pursue.Is your plan detailed? - It doesn't matter what the goal may be. There are steps that must be completed, in order to achieve that goal. A good plan lays out each unambiguous step in the correct sequence. Each step should include a performance requirement and a deadline. As you complete the steps, you will know that you are making progress toward your goal. Put the specific details of your plan in writing, so you can get started on the path to success. Without a detailed plan, it is more likely that you will become distracted, lose sight of the goal, stray from the path or get lost.