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Flat Belly Fix

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-03-28)

With capsaicin as your spice of choice, it just Flat Belly Fix Review might! Capsaicin is the chemical found in peppers that makes them taste hot. The more capsaicin in a pepper, the hotter it is said to taste. This chemical is actually created by pepper plants to discourage mammals from eating them. Most mammals don't enjoy the spicy taste, but if you do, you're in luck. (and even if you don't like to turn up the heat, you can still benefit...just read on) Capsaicin has been the focus of several recent studies in Taiwan and the Netherlands. It isn't surprising to find the pepper a focus of study in Taiwan, as it often shares China's bounty of different types of hot chili peppers, and tasty dishes that put them to great use. The Chung Hsing University doctors discovered that capsaicin can shrink fat cells by tampering with a protein inside them. When eaten, it may even inhibit fat cell formation. Their findings are much more helpful than the rumor that spicy food works by raising metabolism, as their results were backed up by independent studies. It should be noted that consuming enough capsaicin can raise metabolism by only about 4-8% for a while, which is not all that insignificant if you were trying to lose fat only in that way. The Netherlands study focused not on the direct action of the spice on cells, but on the hunger-fighting effects of hot foods. Even when they introduced a placebo, the results were still the same: Eating capsaicin can reduce hunger and lead people to eat less food. For example, if you had a hot-spicy lunch, you will be much less likely to want a snack before dinner, and then will consume less food at dinner as well. Fighting hunger and wrecking fat cells is a fantastic one-two punch...but what if you don't like spicy foods? If you think that adding too much heat covers up the flavor of the food, or if you just don't enjoy the taste of peppers, you're not alone. Also, not everyone wants to eat spicy foods all the time. Fortunately, the natural health industry has recognized the problem. You can find capsaicin in convenient pill form. When you take a simple capsule, you never taste the heat. (receptors for this chemical are found in the tongue, lips, and sometimes the back of the mouth) Even an amount as small as.9 gram (less than 1 gram!) can have an effect on appetite.