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Power of Clarity

by Ssregina Regina (2019-03-28)

Over time this simple truth Power of Clarity Review will enable us to develop a deeper self-awareness. As we learn to take ownership for our own feelings, our primitive ego's knee jerk reaction to get angry and blame our feelings and sense of powerlessness on others will diminish.If it's MY feeling, it doesn't make sense to blame others for what I am feeling. That would be like insisting that the other person take an aspirin because I have a headache.Do you know how many minutes there are in one year? Many people have not even thought about how many minutes, hours, or days that they waste being and doing things that will bring them no return in their life. Time will pass no matter who you are or what you choose to do during your years on this planet. Many people wish they could go back 10, 20, and 30 years to do something different with their life. Do not make this mistake.Just in case you were wondering, there are 525,600 minutes in one year. Your goal should be able to divide those minutes into creating the best and most successful life for yourself and your family. You should focus all of your attention on your personal, business, family, financial, and physical well-being from today until you leave this earth.Learning how to manage time is a misnomer. You cannot manage time, it is simply an illusion that we humans have created. The only thing that you can really manage is yourself and what you do with the time that you have. How many days have you ended only wishing that you had done just a few more things that day? Do you wish you could go back and say something different to someone? Do you wish you could go back and finish just a little bit more work? Do you wish you could have spent a little more time with your wife and children?