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Old School New Body

by barath deva (2019-03-07)

We live in a fast world, everything moves fast around us and if we stop we may be left behind.Old School New Body Review Fast food, frozen meals these are full of additives and preservatives but we are forced to eat them to keep up with our world's pace. It is easier for us to grab a TV dinner from the supermarket stand than to cook a nice healthy meal. We are usually too tired or too busy to even eat slowly and enjoy our food.People used to go out to a restaurant to chat and share with family and friends. Evenings were enjoyable and all went home satisfied and relaxed. Today things are different we go to restaurants for power lunches and to gobble down whatever is set before us so we can get back to the office and continue working.It is time for you to stop following the ever growing overweight statistics that have overwhelmed America. Provide your body with healthy food which will help you lose weight naturally and permanently.Make a list.To lose weight and keep it of you do not only need to change your eating habits, you must change your way of life. Drop old bad habits and pick up new positive ones. Make a list of all the things that you do not like or you would like to change in your life. Add to these all the pains and physical problems you have. When this is done look at it and start making a plan. For example if you have stiff joints your triglycerides may be high. Quit smoking; lose weight, read a book these are simple things you can do that will improve your life noticeably in a short period of time.What have you eaten? It is easy coming home, tired and stressed out thinking only of your bed and make yourself a sandwich, gobble it up and pass out. Sleeping late just to get a few more winks and then rushing to work with only a cup of coffee under your belly. This can go on and on endlessly if you do not stop it. You are destroying your body every day and making your ailments worst every day.