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by juliana juli (2019-03-07)

But when the carbs were separated into "high" and "low" Turmeric Plus Review glycemic categories, it turned out that the increased risk for heart disease was coming only from the "high" glycemic carbs. Low-glycemic carbs didn't increase the risk for heart disease at all. Using the glycemic load- an even better measure of the effect of food on blood sugar- the researchers found that the one-fourth of women whose diet had the highest glycemic load had 2.24 times the risk of heart disease compared to the women with the lowest glycemic load diet. When will we finally figure out that it's not fat that's the greatest risk factor in the American diet? A much bigger risk is sugar. Low-fat diets are almost always, by definition, high-carb diets, and the vast majority of carbs that we consume are high-glycemic. This study reinforces what i- and many of my colleagues- have been saying for years: Stop worrying so much about fat and start paying attention to sugar. If you consume a reasonable calorie diet (target weight x 10-12 for calorie goal), and get most of your carbs from low-glycemic vegetables and fruits, the percentage of fat in the diet doesn't matter nearly as much as you might think.