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by Clara robert (2019-03-06)

Omega 3 is essential for our brain health, Nutrisystem Review mental focus and clarity, and can also help to prevent diseases such as depression, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's. Getting enough omega 3 in your diet each day can lower the risk of heart related problems and even reduces your risk of having a major heart attack by 50%. As if this wasn't enough, omega 3 has also been found to decrease the rate at which cancer cells grow in cancer patients and also improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy. But even better than this, omega 3 can prevent the risk of cancer all together!Go Grass-fed So these are some very basic reasons why the Paleo Diet plan encourages eating grass-fed over grain-fed meat. The scope of this article was simply to discuss the health benefits of choosing grass-fed, but there are many environmental reasons for choosing grass-fed as well which I will discuss in a future article.Furthermore, our paleolithic ancestors did not have a choice whether to eat grass-fed or grain-fed, their food was always naturally grown. In our modern world however, we have more options and it's all about picking what our bodies were genetically evolved for so that we can achieve optimal health.