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Mend The Marriage

by Sumaiya Afiz (2019-03-06)

If you want to have an elegant wedding at low budget, Mend The Marriage Review then shun the most popular banquets and hotels in the city. They are very exorbitant. It's really elementary to cut down costs in these areas. You can always select a quaint town close to the city. Better yet, just go for a temple wedding. It's both beautiful and traditional.India's Konkan coast has the town of Ganaptipule. The name and popularity comes from its self-originated or swayambhu Lord Ganesha idol. People believe it be very powerful. Ratnagiri is the nearest station and Ganpatipule is located around 32 kilometers from the station. You have two routes to reach this place. Having Marathi matrimony here would be a splendid. The first route to reach the station by auto is what most people take. You reach Ratnagiri bus depot. You can take a bus from there to reach Ganpatipule.The route is approximately 50 kilometers from the place as the bus moves through different villages. It takes almost 90 minutes to reach the destination. Since you're a wedding party and are coming with your entourage, you can directly book an auto to reach the destination. It will cost your around 500 rupees.Hosting your rituals: The auto route is really shorter and convenient. One more advantage of the route is that the car/auto will take you through a picturesque coastline. It provides a breathtaking view. It's a great landscape to conduct your Halad Chadavane. You need to reach Ganpatipule one or two days before the wedding to celebrate the ceremony. It takes the day before the wedding. You need to know that turmeric pound from the Muhurt Karane ritual is very important in this context. The five Suhasinis, who heralded that ritual, apply the turmeric paste on the hands, feet, shoulders and head of the bride and groom. The medium in mango leaves. Since this is a destination wedding, both the bride and groom will have it under the same roof. The groom does it and the bride follows suit with the leftover of the turmeric paste.Your accommodation: You can find a couple of great resorts in Ganpatiuple. If you are planning to conduct the main Marathi matrimony at the temple by the beach, there's the MTDC resort right next to it. It means you can organize the wedding party and reception here. If you are lucky to get booking in this resort, there's nothing like it. Doing a prior booking is always a great idea. Ganpatipule beach attracts a lot of tourists during weekends. Hence, you need to be particular about the booking.