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Sales Success Made Simple

by quinn rithi (2019-03-05)

What is the similarity between a fighter pilot, neurosurgeon, navy SEAL, trial lawyer and a marine? Sales Success Made Simple Review The professions are regarded by many people as elite professions that have high barriers for entry and retention. Despite the barriers, these professions continue to attract candidates year after year that want to break through those barriers. Wouldn't it be interesting to apply the same tactics and strategies used in creating elite professions to creating elite sales teams? No need to reinvent the wheel, just use some of the wheels already in existence with these professions. A neurosurgeon and attorney attend between six and sixteen years of school. A Navy SEAL must live through 'hell week' and a marine must pass boot camp. Is it difficult to get a job on your sales team or is it just a matter of passing a couple of interviews and building rapport? Is it difficult to stay on your sales team? Competitive and sharp people don't want to be part of a team that qualifies just anyone to join and stay. They want to be part of an elite team where everyone knows that the membership dues are high and difficult. Mediocrity never attracts excellence. That's why top producers join and stay with teams where the barrier to entry is high, not low. James Murphy, CEO of AfterBurner, owns a training firm comprised of fighter pilots. His organization teaches companies how to apply the same processes used in developing fighter pilots to improving processes in their corporation. In a recent conversation, James shared that the biggest challenge in working with corporations is getting them to raise the standards of excellence. Companies worry that by raising the bar, they will lose people; and they are right. They WILL lose people....average people. This opens the door to creating a 'top gun' culture which guessed it, 'top guns.'