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by Ssregina Regina (2019-03-02)

Basically there are a whole iGenics Review bunch of perceptual filters between all the information your eyes absorb and what is shown to you as picture. Also, your brain makes one picture out of two, which are perceived by your two eyes. If only the eyes were responsible for the picture we see, then cross-eyed people could never see a single picture, but they do. Why is that important? Well, if you have any eye condition or eye problem and you want to treat it, then you have to realize that your mind plays an important role. You have to understand that there is something in your life that you don't want to see, so your eyes are filtering it out. It might be the details of your life, missed opportunities or embarrassments that lead you to black out details, so you need reading/magnifying glasses to regain your eyes for detail. Or you might not want to or can't see your future, which leads to problems in your distant vision, leaving you nearsighted and with myopia. There are many things we don't want to see in our lives, all the things that come up in thoughts when we are by ourselves and feel regret, resentment, or grief. If you don't learn to deal with these issues, your eyesight will get worse and worse until you are "blinded" enough not to see the stuff on a daily basis anymore. If you want to improve your vision naturally, or in any way at all, then you have to look at these things. Glasses obviously don't work because every time we get a clear and close look at the stuff with new glasses, we "blind" ourselves just a bit more, so we need stronger prescriptions.Eye surgery has a similar problem, so that many people get their same eye problems just a few years after a "successful" eye surgery.To really improve your vision to the point that you enjoy an independent life without glasses, contacts, and regular visits to eye tests, optometrists, and eye doctors, you have to address the underlying issues. You have to find out what it is, deal with it, and let it go. And that is much easier to do than most people think.Will your optometrist or eye doctor tell you about this?Most likely not, and why would he or she do so? How much are you worth to their business once you don't need stronger prescriptions and eye tests anymore? Would they agree if you asked them? Probably not!