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by jeni Clara (2019-03-02)

This way you would be meeting your daily exercise requirements. Below Dietrine Review are few other tips that will help you stay slim despite the overtime schedules. When you are tied up with too much work, you end up working overtime, leaving no time for exercise and diet plans to put into practice. However, you can stay away from gaining those extra pounds by following few simple guidelines at your workplace. Since you can't escape from working overtime, hire a personal trainer who can train you after your work hours. Workplace is where you can find food temptations galore. A colleague's birthday or a wedding anniversary and you are treated to cake and other delicacies. This does not mean that you eat such calorie-rich foods at every occasion. Once in a while, you can give in to a treat but stick to home-cooked food that you carry with you. Remember, you are going to sit at your desk longer than usual, giving you no time to burn those 'treat calories'. It is becoming a trend to have lunch at the closest fast food joint near the office. Fast foods are low in nutrient content and highly fattening. The best thing is to get your own food from home. Not only is this a healthy and economical option, it will prevent you from increasing your waistline. If you are working overtime, pack some nutritious snacks from home like fruits. Do not go for candy bars and cookies available in your office canteen. Also, keep your desk clean from unhealthy snacks so that you stay away from temptations. Don't sit at your desk for a long period of time. Take breaks in between and walk around your office. Obviously, this is not a substitute for an exercise routine but it can help in keeping calories at bay.