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by Sumaiya Afiz (2019-03-01)

So far, in this month, the overseas investors have Crypto Coin Sniper Reviewpulled out Rs 2.31 billion from equities on account of slowing growth, depreciating rupee and the high current account deficit. During the first three months of this year, we saw FII's pumping in huge capital into Indian markets, while in the next two-three months, we have seen them exiting from the markets.The sliding rupee is creating a chaotic situation for the global private equity players who had invested billions of dollars in India when the economy was in a stable state. At present, their returns are shrinking as the rupee continues to sink further against US dollar. If the Indian currency continues its worse performance, it will contribute towards dampening the private equity interest in the Indian markets."The USD/INR pair still remains bullish. Even after the measures announced by the government rupee was seen weakening above 57 levels," said Adil Siddiqui.Tradenext gave following outlook on overall Forex market:EURUSD: The EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.2497 levels. The European currency continued with a down trend after the Spain bill auction, which ended with higher yields. Spain sold the 3 month bills worth EUR 1.6bn with the yields at 2.362%, while Italy also sold zero coupon notes at 4.71% yields which is higher than 4.04% at May's auction. There is growing skepticism in the market whether the upcoming EU summit will be able to take aggressive measures to counter the debt crisis. The Euro will continue to remain bearish unless and until the EU leaders come up with some strong action plan. Support is at 1.2410 levels, and the resistance is near 1.2798 (55 day EMA). Next target 1.23 levels.GBP/USD: GBP is trading at 1.5633 levels against the dollar. The UK's currency advanced against the US dollar and the Euro as the increased borrowing costs of Italy and Spain boosted the demand for Pound. However, the gains will be limited as there are some serious actions taking place on the BOE front to introduce more stimulus measures to encourage the economic growth. In the meanwhile, UK's public borrowings increased in May after income tax receipts fell and spending rose. Support is near 1.5472 levels, and the resistance is near 1.5785 levels (100 day EMA). The overall bias is bearish for the pair.USD/JPY: JPY is currently trading at 79.43 levels. The Japanese yen is strengthening against US dollar and other major peers since last three sessions ahead of the EU summit on Thursday. Investors prefer the Yen as they expect some disappointing outcomes from the EU leaders tomorrow. The strengthening yen is likely to pose more challenges for the BOJ, which has been striving hard to calm down the currency. Near term support is at 78.77 levels and the near term resistance is at 81.78 levels. Bullish Target 1-3 moths - 83 levels.