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Flotrol Review

by Nallapaneni mahesh (2019-03-01)

Spicy foods and spicy spices may have an impact on your bladder. By keepingFlotrol/ a diary you'll be able to track what you ate before experiencing an episode of incontinence or a sudden urge to go.Natural diuretics like caffeine and alcohol should be avoided or at least used in moderation. Limit the amount of coffee, tea, chocolate, wine and spirits that you consume.Many women prefer to change their daily routine, avoiding social occasions and physical activity for fear of wetting themselves. They think incontinence is just something you have to deal with. But it isn't!The truth is there are some very simple things that every woman can do to reduce or even get rid of that problem. These types of treatments - called behavioral therapies - are recommended by doctors as the first line of treatment. They are very effective, low-cost, and don't pose a risk of any negative side effects.