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Vision Fix

by Sumaiya Afiz (2019-02-27)

Vision surgery is completed using a laser called an excimer. This type of laser emits cool Vision Fix Review beams of light that vaporise corneal tissue, rather than burning it. Anesthetic drops are put in your eyes in order to numb the area. As well, your eye lids are held open with the use of a retractor. Next, a cut is made into the cornea that is approximately ¼ of its total depth. A flap is constructed and pulled back to reveal the corneal tissue underneath. The excimer then goes to work at vaporizing tissue and reshaping the cornea. The surgeon is able to control the size, number and position of the pulses of the laser to ensure the removal of only what is needed. The shaping process takes less than a minute. After this the corneal flap is replaced and the procedure is complete. No stitches are needed as a natural suction keeps the flap in place while the eye heals.Laser eye surgeons succeed in correcting vision by reshaping the cornea differently according to the condition of the eye. For example, for a person who experiences Myopia (or short sightedness) the peak of the cornea must be flattened as their eyeball is too long (from front to back). With hyperopia (or long sightedness) the eyeball is smaller than normal and the cornea is less curved therefore it must be made steeper (by vaporising the tissue on the outer edges of the cornea). Astigmatism on the other hand occurs when the cornea is more curved in one direction than the other and the laser must be used to even out the curvature.The recent clinical researches reveal that pearl eyes are no longer only-for-the-elders eye diseases. Sufferers concerned come to be younger and younger. It is reported that there are even people suffering from pearl eyes who are merely 30 years old.