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LowerMyBills Review

by Wilson Vicky (2019-02-27)

A few decades ago, hardly anyone would have LowerMyBills Review given serious thought to house energy rating or considered it as relevant enough. Today, the situation is different. Rising environmental concerns and need for energy conservation have led to development of regulations and laws that make it mandatory for buildings to meet certain norms. In Australia, there is Green Building Council of Australia to evaluate environmental impacts of designs of new buildings from the angle of energy consumption, water use and indoor ambience as an outcome of building design, green house gas emissions, wastewater management and related factors that have a direct bearing on the ecological footprint. This authority awards Green Star ratings to the design of buildings based on these norms. Having such a rating benefits the builder and the tenants or residents alike as all can gain satisfaction from knowing they are doing their bit to save the environment and conserve energy. Strict eligibility criteria have to be met in order to get the requisite 45 credit points and achieve the desirable four-star rating. Those proposing to build a new house would do well to have a competent agency check the design for energy ratings and environmental issues.