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Turmeric Plus

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-02-26)

Stop suffering with a stomach ache every time you want to beef up on Turmeric Plus Review Vitamin C. Do you feel a cold coming on. Are you about to go into surgery. Did you recently have an accident and sprain a muscle or break a bone. Vitamin C is a great vitamin supplement to assist your body to heal faster from all of those things, and the more you can take, the better. In past books Dr. Andrew Weil has promoted megadoses of Vitamin C for just about any ailment, and given evidential stories that are hard to refute, I for one, have been a great fan of Vitamin C for all of my family - for years. That is until I learned about Apple Poly. Apple Poly is made from baby green apples without any pesticides or chemicals. The process of deriving polyphenols from apples is a very scientific process that was developed over years of study and research on many different continents. Meanwhile, news began trickling out about the substandard manufacturing and delivery system of Vitamin C in our country (and around the world), and the question of whether the current delivery system of Vitamin C - ascorbic acid - is healthy or toxic is a very real conundrum. The further you look into it, the more likely you are to stay away from Vitamin C completely, and avoid products that are "enriched", "infused", and/or "enhanced" with ascorbic acid. Polyphenols on the other hand, continue to demonstrate remarkable health benefits - much better than Vitamin C. It is 18 times stronger than pure Vitamin C according to the ORAC scale, reduces fat around organs, especially belly fat, helps reverse balding and reverse aging.