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by princy william (2019-02-26)

Our minds empower our Fibrolief Review capacity to connect to one another, our environment, and with God. We live to promote our thought capacity for now and beyond. Our bodies merely serve as our mind's temporary housing. Alcohol excess can evoke the brain's capacity for addiction, a biological disease. In all fairness, two glasses of red wine consumed on a weekly basis may have some positive health benefits. Red wine with its antioxidant properties coupled with relaxants, may enable us to cope with life's rigors. But stronger types of alcohol such as whiskey, bourbon, rum, and vodka often tax the capacity of our liver's detoxification capabilities and therefore cause systemic illness.Time travel is also implicit to this discussion. As we photograph a tennis player strike a ball without the aid of a freeze frame lens, we see that motion is composed of a sequence of independent movements separated by distance and time. Likewise, photographing our solar system gives us the same effect. Photos of seemingly independent planets appear separated only by distance. But, however, this is effectively one of the same. Our solar system is the evolution of one planet only-- Earth. Mars is earth's future and Venus is earth's past. The volcanoes on Mar's surface are merely eroded Great Pyramids of Egypt. The eerie face peering at us from Mar's surface is our own Great Sphinx looking towards the heavens. However, the dimension of time is well into our future. Time travel is before our eyes. What appears as a seemingly array of independent objects separated by various distances is merely one of the same. Given the temperature variation of Mars, global warming then becomes a moot point.