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Blood Sugar Solution

by jeni Clara (2019-02-26)

A study conducted by the team of Joshua Gooley, PhD, of Brigham Blood Sugar Solution Review and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Mass proves the relationship of bright lights with diabetes and other diseases. 116 healthy individuals with age ranges from 18 to 30 years old participated in the study. Each one of them is exposed to dim lights or room lights that are on for eight hours prior to bedtime for five successive days. Blood samples were collected every 30 to 60 minutes to measure melatonin. The outcome demonstrated that being exposed to dim light prior to bedtime reduced melatonin creation by 90 compared to dim lights exposure. This finding show that working at night is bad for the body. Those who are working at night shifts are in danger of diabetes, and other deadly diseases. Diabetics are the ones that are in more trouble since melatonin affects the blood sugar level. Glucose level goes up if the melatonin produces a lot but it goes down if melatonin production is low. The patient may suffer from stroke if the blood sugar goes down and if the glucose level goes up diabetes complications may strike. The increasing convenience of life and the enjoyment of availability of food have made a lot of people overweight in the past few years. Weight loss has become a common problem for most individuals. The major necessity for losing weight is to burn fat. Burning fats is the best way to lose weight and is considered great challenge. It is not easy to leave behind the routine and luxury of eating in a snap, adjustment is a crucial stage to go through but the best ways to lose weight is to withstand this changes.