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by princy william (2019-02-23)

Other ways to experience Numerologist Review this crystal are: by wearing it in jewelry; by holding it in your hand during meditation; by placing an amethyst on your altar in the place of Spirit; or by placing it near your bed to bring Spirit into your dreams.Amethyst cathedrals or geodes are a beautiful addition to a room. They can bring an atmosphere of peace and well-being to the space that will be noticed by all who enter, even those who may not be aware of the energy of the stone.When God created the world and humans, He sees that it is not good for Adam to be alone, therefore He created Eve to accompany Adam. God knows that humans need relationships in their life. It is the element that makes humans grow, struggle and fruitful.Having a relationship is somehow challenging for some people. I am not talking about the normal standard relationship, but a healthy and building relationship. Do you realize that with great relationships come great potentials? We can get good business, good friends, good networking, good advices and suggestions.But no matter how many good relationships we have with other people, including our own family and friends, there is a gap in our heart that can not be filled with any kind of relationship but The Creator Himself, God.Some people try to run away from the fact that it is only fit for God and go to drugs, parties, drinks, traveling, having a lot of friends as much as possible and more but still in the last discover that those earthly things can not fill the gap for eternity, it is just a camouflage and not for real, it is only temporary and not eternal.Without connecting properly to God, the gap hole will be there for the rest of his or her life. This is the fact, realized or not realized. Only when the gap filled by God then the human can be restored inside and therefore starting to affect the personal abilities of the human to build his own life and affecting other positively.