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My Cellulite Solution

by Ssregina Regina (2019-02-22)

If your goal is to tighten up your abs, there is only one solution: My Cellulite Solution Review work out with purpose and develop healthy eating habits that will support your new goal. When your body fat percentage is low enough, you will be able to see a six pack, even if you never do a single crunch. What do I mean by "low enough?" A very nice looking midsection, for a man, will start showing up at around 12% body fat. For women, it starts at about 18-20% because men store all of their fat on their belly and women tend to hold more on their hips and thighs. This is not hard science. Age and genetics also have some influence. Key Number One is Cardio Activity Cardiovascular exercise raises the heart rate and burns sugar and glycogen stored in the muscles and blood stream. When the stored sugar and glycogen is used up, the body draws from its reserves - your fat cells- for energy. If you want a thinner waist, flatter abs or a six pack, you must engage in some form of cardiovascular activity regularly. To start, Choose an activity that you enjoy or many activities- mix it up to prevent boredom Start slowly and work your way up to a goal (20 minutes for example) Increase intensity as your endurance improves. Always try to work a little bit harder than the level you are comfortable at. This simple tip will keep you improving indefinitely.The exercise you choose can be any activity that can fit easily into your life and schedule. You do not need a gym for cardio. Some ideas for an effective cardio regime are running or jogging outside or on the treadmill; jumping rope; hiking; swimming; stair climbing; rowing; power walks; tennis; basketball; dancing. Anything that breaks a sweat is a good start.