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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

by juliana juli (2019-02-21)

Stay tuned as I piggy back more great information on nutrition and The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review dive into the world of psychology as it relates to all of this. The connection between inflammation and diet is pretty well understood by scientists; the process is just complicated enough to confuse the average person. The information provided here attempts to be as uncomplicated as possible while still being helpful. First, let's talk about blood sugar. When you get too hungry, your blood sugar drops. After you eat, it will either rise to a normal level or spike very high, depending on what you eat. If you eat simple carbohydrates like junk food, soda, bread or other processed grains, it will spike. When the blood sugar goes up, the body produces insulin. Insulin lets the cells of the body know that lots of energy is available. Without insulin, the cells cannot pull in the energy; this is the problem in type I or juvenile diabetes.