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Vert Shock

by quinn rithi (2019-02-21)

As the economy continues to regain strength, sales managers are still struggling to get the most out of their current sales staff especially after the many cutbacks of resources during the recession. After research of over 1000 sales reps over a 2 year period, Vert Shock Review only slightly more than half of the group admitted to having their own specific goal development plans. This is astounding as sales people more than anybody should know the importance and value of setting goals; after all, they usually have to meet them on a monthly basis. Companies of all size and multiple industries have failed to buy the sales reps into the overall good of the company. Sometimes sales reps are operating as separate individual units and not as part of one big cohesive unit on a joint vision. Organizations need to see the importance of aligning their reps individual goals including their quota responsibility along with that of the entire organization. Sales teams are like sports teams, the manager just as a sports coach must get everybody bought in and ready to give their all for the team. The average sales force has multiple personalities just as sports teams do, you will find that the best sports coaches learn to deal with each player in a different way. All people have different motivating factors, organizations should look for other opportunities to increase the scope besides monetary rewards as the only incentive.