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by barath deva (2019-02-19)

Attention to Details. This trait sets one apart Hypnosis Live Review from others. This is being aware. To see each little thing, to notice the bug on the ground before stepping on it by accident, to know that the glass is too close to the edge of the table before you knock it over. Keep your eyes open and your mind present. This is done by simply paying attention and putting in the effort to be aware at each moment. Continuous practice of this difficult trait to acquire is invaluable. This is power.Pay Your Debts. Debt is not only financial, it can be for time and effort or some sort of service. We are indebted to our benefactors, those who provided our education, support and provisions. We are indebted to society for the world in which we live, even to the garbage man who picks up the trash we create all week. When someone does something, they are giving up their time to do that instead of doing something else. They may do the job for money or they may do it out of kindness. Either way, you owe a debt for whatever you receive. Bearing this in mind, when you are called upon or even if it is left up to you to decide, paying your debts as appropriate makes you a truly respectable person who people will gain pleasure out of serving. This will build your self-respect because you will now become worthy of your existence.Consider the possible outcome before taking action. If you think of all the possible results before you take action or speak, you will prevent yourself from committing many errors. For example, if you are about to say something to someone, you may know that the outcome will be upsetting them and gain no benefit other than your pleasure in causing them pain. Is that really the right thing to do for a person who aspires to better themselves? Never intentionally, knowingly or unavoidably hurt someone. This is self-evident.