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Easy Retired Millionaire

by jeni Clara (2019-02-19)

Consider outsourcing, yes even to China. Consider downsizing dramatically, Easy Retired Millionaire Review Maybe you are in the wrong location, maybe you need strategic alliances, joint partnerships. It is time to consider all the options you may have, all of them, even the impossible ones, as anything is possible when you are dreaming or planning. Many of us are currently being faced with tough economical times. A few years back, I was doing some deep soul searching. I was not happy with my business model. I was not making the money I thought I should be. My Accounts Receivable Aging report was sometimes over $30,000. Here I was providing onsite bookkeeping services and I was finding myself having to wait as much as 45 days from the date of the services to finally get paid. I was billing bi-weekly, but I was still having cash flow issues. My client's payment terms were really putting me in a cash flow crisis. I was trying to grow my company, but continually felt like I was chasing my clients to get payments in the door. I was tired of this. A good friend of mine at the time was working for a company called Alliance Payment Technologies. She opened my eyes to something called an Automatic Clearing House.