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by Daisy Pricilla (2019-02-15)

If you are a pilot and you or your family notices any Lunexia Review of these symptoms, it is time to talk with your regular doctor or a sleep specialist. They can evaluate your symptoms and determine the cause of them. If sleep apnea is a concern, medical treatment will most likely be needed. Without it, you put your life and the lives of others at risk. Check to see if your employer has a program to assist in detecting aviation sleep disorders. Many aviation and other commercial traveling industries are implementing programs where sleep specialist evaluate each employee for early detection and treatment. This has made a big difference and prevented many accidents from occurring. If your employer does not have a program in place, make a recommendation for the safety of your fellow co-workers. When a person snores loudly, they are often the butt of many jokes or laughed and giggled at by anyone who notices. Their partner may nudge them with their elbow to get the snoring to stop and restore their own sleep each night. Even though in most cases loud snoring is nothing more than annoying, it can be a sign of a sleep disorder called apnea. Anyone can suffer from this disorder with one of the most noticeable symptoms being loud snoring.