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Success System Revealed

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-02-13)

The Universal Laws are literally aspects of the Creative Success System Revealed Review Force some call God. The 13 Universal Principles are a series of applications of the Laws to what we can understand as the Creative Process. We can begin to understand a great deal about ourselves and the Creative Process when we identify and verify them in our own life experiences. However, they are not easy to put into words except in the most simplistic terms. The methodology used most frequently by the Masters was little stories or allegories. In the Christian New Testament they are called parables. A brief verbal explanation can only cover one aspect of a Universal Law, and since Universal Being - God is infinite, the explanation will be lacking in terms of being comprehensive. This is a work that must be done by the individual in his process of evolution and unfoldment. What I can share with you here is merely something to help you relate them to your life experiences. This is the most important work you can undertake - the work on Self - a work that has no short cuts. It is one thing to show how any one of the 13 Universal Principles relates to the other 12, It is quite another to show how all 13 Universal Principles are connected to each other. It is the difference between 12 descriptions or verbal illustrations as opposed to 169 explanations. For this reason I propose to take one of these Universal Principles and show the connection to the other 12. Of the 13 Universal Laws the best known is The Universal Law of Attraction. This is due to films like The Secret and What the Bleep. This exercise is designed show how this one Universal Law relates to and is connected to the other 12.