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South Beach Diet

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-02-12)

One relatively simple way of diminishing the effects South Beach Diet Review of food cravings is to attempt to forestall them by keeping well hydrated. Water not only has the effect of reducing appetite when it enters the stomach, it also assists in a multitude of biochemical processes, including digestion and the subsequent feelings of satiation. A wish for sweet or salty snacks is often a sign of dehydration rather than hunger, a problem that can be rapidly corrected with a zero-calorie glass of water. Another suggestion, favored by ACE-certified Weight Management and Lifestyle Consultant Deborah Low, is to be 'pro-active' about cravings. They often seem to arise randomly and beyond our conscious control but closer examination often reveals them to be considerably more predictable than we might at first imagine. They frequently accompany stressful moments, such as immediately before a period or when worries about a major work commitment intensify. Low suggests that indulging modestly in a favorite snack at such moments is unlikely to lead to wrack and ruin, provided the emphasis is placed upon the word 'modest.' One or at the most two cookies rather than an entire pack, a square or two of chocolate (preferably dark chocolate, too) rather than a half-pound bar, or a scoop of ice cream rather than a quart are what she has in mind. Permitting oneself such minor transgressions, without guilt and self-punishment, may save the diet rather than spoil it.