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by Daisy Pricilla (2019-02-05)

Having a sleep study can be very stressful if you do not AirSnore Review prepare for it. But these steps will help to make you more comfortable and allow your sleep through the night. The closer your sleep is to sleep at home the more likely the lab will be able to find a problem you might be having. Shift work sleep disorder or SWSD is commonly found in many people who work the night shift, however, some people who work nights can actually adjust quite well. Most people who work the night shift do suffer from this disorder and ways to find sleep are definitely required. Many industries and professions work around the clock and many different shift schedules exist. This sleep disorder affects nearly one quarter of the approximate 20 million people who do late night shift work and it is important to get the rest you need. When your body feels the morning sunlight an automatic signal is sent to the brain telling the body that its time to wake up. When you work a night shift your body is forced to function out of its natural circadian rhythm. No ones circadian rhythm ever becomes fully regulated to their hours but working a night shift may cause you to become more tired because of this reason. Someone who works a late night shift and suffers from this sleep disorder has a constant state of circadian disruption.