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Total Money Magnetism

by Clara robert (2019-02-04)

The above is always real, true and working,Total Money Magnetism Review because, as we live minute by minute, no matter how many plans we make all the time, we cannot succeed unless we are adaptable in a "flight plan" way. Rigidity and extreme rigidity is the ultimate failure in life, really.What I mean by "extreme rigidity" is trying to stick too close to how things 'need to go' to the point hat if things go one iota in a different way that it is looked at as failure. Success that is genuine then, really is like a flight plan, not an exact map, right? Sure, we can all see the science of success as a reality, but it is only exact in retrospect or looking back at the past, not in prognostication or "seeing the future". Now, I am not advocating any sort of unproductive nostalgia or destructive reminiscence wishing for the past to be better than the future or anything like that. I am saying and meaning this, though: When you get through something successfully and find out what works and does not work in reality, repeat the good parts in the future and discard the bad parts. That is the essence of what I am saying in this article. Success is doing what works, right? Failure is consistent wrongness, right? So, what works should be repeated and augmented for success, while what does not work should be dismissed or reworked into something that succeeds.