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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-06-15)

A reduction in blood flow to the penis is also StrictionBP Review a major concern. This is common in those who have hardening of the arteries, also those with high cholesterol, and those who are obese. It is quite obvious how these can increase the severity and likely hood of impotence. One thing to mention is that these conditions occur after a lifetime of bad health habits, therefore it is unlikely that one can be cured of them, however there is quite often more than one way to treat these conditions so research thoroughly and make sure your personal physician is aware that you are trying to avoid impotence without having to resort to drugs, and that he lets you know about what options you have. Fourth is nerve damage; illnesses, and some medical procedures. An injury to the groin or nerve damage whether from injury or disease, again, is one of the more obvious reasons for sexual dysfunction. As most men can obviously tell there is much nerve tissue in the penis, everything from the actual functioning of the erection, to stimulation and several other functions. This is a very serious issue because to date there is little treatment that has proven to work. There are several alternative methods including some therapeutic exercises, acupuncture, and even some herbal formulations that claim to help, yet there is little evidence that it actually works. Seek your personal physician's help making sure he or she is aware of your concern for impotence. Some new prescription drugs are coming out that claim to reverse nervous system damage, however they are so new, little is known as to how likely they are to work and what its side-effects are. A doctor, Aaron Vinik, M.D., out of the Strelitz Diabetes Institutes of Eastern Virginia is currently using some of these new drugs on his patients and is claiming positive results so far.