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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-06-13)

Stress can be and should be managed to StrictionD Review enable survival. Modern working life creates tremendous personal and occupational pressures, which need immediate management and successful resolution. Stress management techniques are many and all of them try to control this fight-flight response. Stress has to be managed with a rational, calm, controlled and socially sensitive approach. To avoid burnout and debilitated health in the end, stress may be managed by the following techniques: Action-oriented approach - In this kind of approach, the problem creating the stress is identified and confronted directly. Appropriate changes are made to alter the situation or the environment and thereby reduce or eliminate stress by resolution of the problem creating the stress. Emotion-oriented approach - In this kind of approach, the individual does not have the power to change the environment or the situation. The individual modifies personal emotions to interpret the situation differently and thereby attempts to reduce to eliminate stress. Acceptance-oriented approach - In this kind of approach, the individual has no direct or indirect control over the factors causing the stress, along with no emotional control to alter the interpretation of the situation. Total acceptance of the stress is undergone and the focus is only on to somehow let the time pass and survive the stress. This shows results in short term or long term health damages.