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Alphanation Combat Fighter

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-06-11)

Make sure to use the running wattage as a Alphanation Combat Fighter Review survival generator should not be running at peak wattage long because it will quickly burn out and will not run as efficiently. Additionally, the higher the wattage output of the generator, the more fuel it will consume. If you get a 4500 watt generator and normally only use 2000 watts, you will be using a significantly higher amount of fuel than if you just got a 2300 watt generator. When the time comes that you actually need to use your survival generator, fuel will most likely be in short supply. Any unneeded wasted fuel is not intelligent. There are a few appliances and electronics I would want to still be able to use during a TEOTWAWKI situation. The ones that could be important are freezers, refrigerators, heaters (unless you have a fireplace), electric water heaters, hot plates or a stove, a battery charger and probably a well pump (if your home is equipped with a well). Just to give you an idea of how much wattage these appliances use, I have compared the running and start up wattages: Even though this shows 4000 start up wattage, if you plug in the freezer then the refrigerator later you would actually only need 2700 watts. This is because you would start the freezer at 2000, it would go down to 700 while it's running, and then when you plug in the refrigerator, it uses 2000 watts, then goes down to 700. In reality, what you could be comfortable with is a 3300-3500 watt continuous generator. This would probably be the most efficient and useful survival generator. Keep in mind that if you're using a portable generator, you will need extension cords to use the electronics. If you had a household generator, it would be wired into the home, therefore not requiring extension cords as you would still be able to use the electrical outlets in your home. This is a great idea but can get quite expensive once you buy the large survival generator and all the components needed to work with your existing wiring.