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Brain Training For Dogs

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-06-08)

Here are some important guidelines you must Brain Training For Dogs Review remember about baby rabbit care: The nesting box should be prepared when mama doe's delivery date is coming. Make sure that it 12 x 14 diameter in size to make your litters and mama doe comfortable. Mama doe should be given extra amount of food such as the ever nutritious veggies and fruits as well as pellets which are the essential part of her diet. Though litters bunch themselves together to keep themselves warm and safe, you still need to make sure that the room is warm enough for them. It should be 70 degrees. You will know if mama doe is feeding her litters when you heard no noise coming from their nest box. This usually happens within 24-48 hours after giving birth. But if there's something kitten like sound coming from their nest, then it is time for you to feed them with formula. Use a syringe when feeding your litters. Mix small amount of formula because baby rabbits do not consume that much. Do not use any kind of eye dropper because of the big hole on it. Big holes means big amount of milk they might swallow which can go directly to their lungs and could cause respiratory blockage such as pneumonia. You may use formula replacer in feeding your litters. Litters' face and bottoms must be clean after each feeding. Another important thing about baby rabbit care. If you notice some change on the color of your litter's urine, call your vet as soon as possible to avoid any serious health problems in the future. Check if your litters are dehydrated. Pedialyte is the best for fluid replacement.