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Hair Revital X

by Ssregina Regina (2019-06-04)

Now, this is not solid proof that DHT causes Hair Revital X Reviewpremature balding because it might be the case that by reducing DHT levels something else happens in the body that causes a reduction in hair loss. Or it could even be the case that hair loss is a physchosymatic response and prescription drugs act as a placebo that actually cures the psychological problem.Whatever the truth is, we have produced strong evidence that DHT causes premature baldness by showing that a reduction in DHT leads to a reduction in hair loss - even though this link is not proof of a causal relationship.Using this means of thinking, let's analyze the current theories on what causes premature balding in an attempt to draw more solid conclusions than those that currently float about on the world wide web.Poor circulation in the scalp causes hair loss It's been shown that by applying treatments like topical minoxidil to the scalp, which increases blood circulation, hair loss can be reduced. So we might assume that reduced circulation in the scalp causes premature balding - since by increasing blood circulation we can reduce the rate of hair loss. However this is not strictly a 'cause', because we do not address the real question here - what causes circulation in the scalp to reduce in the first place? An increase in scull size causes hair loss Some observers have suggested that the decrease in blood circulation in the scalp is caused by an increase in scull size. As we age it is thought that some people's skulls continue to grow. As this process occurs, the muscles surrounding the skull become tighter, which leads to a restriction in blood flow in the scalp. This is a reasonably sound explanation for a decrease in blood flow in the scalp, which would logically cause hair loss. Unfortunately there is no empirical evidence to support this theory. Additionally we cannot test the theory by reducing the scull sizes of the alopecia sufferers, so again it is difficult to prove this theory.