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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-06-04)

Towards the end of Numerologist Review the call, and after we had spoken about a number of different things, I put my question forward. I had been looking forward to hearing what he would have to say for a number of days.Once he heard my question, it took a little while until he give me an answer; it seemed as though he was connecting to himself. What is clear about Errol is that even though he has a strong connection to his heart, he still has the ability to think rationally.FracturedHe ended up talking about how so many people live in their head and not their heart, thereby causing them to see everything as separate. This sense of separation results in so many people either accepting or rejecting people based on their religion, skin colour or gender, amongst other things.He spoke about how we are all part of the same organism, yet each part of this organism is unable to function as one system. Clearly, if we were all able to put our labels to one side (to live from our heart), there would be no reason to have borders, walls or boundaries.I thought that if everyone on the planet was to rise to a certain level of consciousness, it wouldn't matter if certain people were not as capable or as intelligent as others as we would all work together. In the same way that it doesn't matter that certain branches on a tree are smaller than others, as each part of the tree works together.To remove all boarders with the current level of consciousness on the planet would surely lead to even more problems. Instead of one country fighting another, the people within a country would constantly be fighting amongst themselves.