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by gold stone (2019-06-03)

The American Dietetic Association Backyard Healing Herbs Review recommends that we get about 20-35 grams of fiber per day. The average American is only getting about 15 grams of fiber a day. This is surprising because just by choosing the right fiber rich foods you can lower your cholesterol, prevent constipation, prevent upset stomach or heartburn and best of all it will help you reach your weight loss goals.Increase your fiber intake by making sure you are eating 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. Have half of a grapefruit for breakfast and chill the other half and have it for dessert. Half of a grapefruit contains about 6 grams of fiber. Avocados have so many health and beauty benefits. They contain healthy monounsaturated fat and (drum roll please) one medium avocado has about 10 grams of fiber.All of the green leafy vegetables including Kale, cabbage, collard greens and spinach are packed with healthy fiber. Stay away from gritty, foul tasting supplements and boost your fiber intake naturally by eating beans and legumes. Black beans, lentils and kidney beans rank the highest in fiber content, providing 13-15 grams of fiber per serving. Whole grain breads and cereals are also great sources for fiber.Fiber helps to draw water into our intestines to maintain regularity and flush out what your body doesn't need. Start slow by adding 5-10 grams a day to your diet, drink plenty of water and have fun experimenting with new veggies that you've never tried before. This simple addition to your meal plan will help you look and feel great.Pizza without gluten is steadily rising in popularity these days. Pizza has always been a comfort food for many but pizza tends to contain a certain amount of gluten that can have adverse effects on people suffering from celiac disease. As such, many people with celiac disease have abstained from eating this food despite their cravings. The fact that pizza can now be made free from gluten is great news for many, particularly those with tendencies to suffer from gluten allergy symptoms.