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The Favorite Food Diet

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-06-01)

The opposite Th Favorite Food Diet Review unbalanced extreme is when I start obsessing about losing weight quickly. If I get in too big a hurry, I will force myself to eat way too little to avoid hunger, and then I will not be able to think about anything except how hungry I am. This is clearly self-defeating, because the unavoidable result will be a moment when I snap and say "enough, already, I am just going to eat anything I want. It is not worth being hungry all the time . . .The ideal state is somewhere in the middle. Stay aware of your goals without obsessing about them. Eat slowly and enjoy your food and consciously decide you don't need a second or third serving. Allow yourself an occasional treat, but don't let dessert every evening become a habit. Choose nutritious foods and avoid un-healthful things like sweetened (artificially or otherwise) soft drinks.And don't forget exercise. Find something you really enjoy doing and then do it frequently, but not to excess. The benefits of a reasonable exercise program extend far beyond simple weight loss.