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Manifestation Magic

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-30)

Still, I don't believe operating from Manifestation Magic Review fear ever serves us. I do believe those students hold more power than they may see in the moment. They have a huge opportunity to shape the next generation. To begin changing the rules of the game. Will it be scary? Absolutely. Yet, I believe when we do what we feel internally compelled to do, and we're able to stand up to the establishment, or what others say we should be doing, and instead follow our own path, that we are always supported. Will it be tough? Maybe. But in the end I believe it's those who are willing to take a stand for what they believe is right, even if it goes against the grain, who stand out in history and change the world. Today's students have been raised on success. Today's high school and college students live in a very different world than their baby boomer parents. It's highly competitive. Many may feel trapped by this game. My conversation with this bright, young, Oxford student was eye-opening for me. Breaking this spell about success is indeed a grander vision. It requires stepping back and re-evaluating the entire game, not just our role in it. However, as with all things, it starts with our role. And I believe any small steps any of us can take to recapture our power and to do what really makes us happy-as opposed to simply following the path that has been laid out for us by others-is the way to begin creating large-scale change. I recently listened to the "The Strangest Secret". If you haven't heard or read it you are missing a great motivational message. The amazing thing is there are many lessons that you can take from it so you should listen to it more than once. Let me tell you what I learned about goal setting and success during my last session.