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by gold stone (2019-05-29)

A new business opportunity outlined Smart Solar Box Review in the National Market Value of Anaerobic Digester Products report shows that partnerships between dairy farms, food processors and retailers have the potential to solve current environmental concerns while creating a nearly $3 billion bio-economy for food and agriculture. The United States devotes a significant portion of its lands to agriculture, and high concentrated animal feeding operations known as CAFOs. A single CAFO can generate as much waste as a small to midsized city, and can affect the air quality of an area that extends far beyond the operation itself.Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases, when freely released into the atmosphere it is 21 times as powerful as carbon dioxide in trapping heat. Farmers who use a biodigestion system can arrange to be paid by a carbon offset company. In 2011, bio-digestion systems on U.S. farms produced enough electricity to power the equivalent of 47,000 U.S. homes. Additionally, biodigestion systems hold the potential to slash methane emissions by 1.8 million metric tons -- the equivalent pollution reduction of taking 6.5 million cars off the road. This would mean multi millions of dollars for electrical economy, agriculture, and renewable energy credits- each.Of the renewable energies, biomass has the most potential for environmental sustainability, economic impact, and overall industry growth and integration. Biogas, it is clean burning, renewable, and easily produced. Additionally, collecting potentially dangeous methane gas instead of allowing it to escape into the atmosphere would provide invaluable site source pollution prevention. With such substantial environmental and economic incentives, the only thing this biomass energy lacks as a competing industry is substantial investment.Human beings always defy to live their lives under the conditions of nature-given. Since we acquire the brain that is so complex that we would be able to manipulate it in order to obtain the preferred way of life regardless of any nature-given conditions. We have conquered the most effective conditions to life such as the harsh climate in some particular region on earth. Human beings can manage to inhibit anywhere around the globe. Other creatures have to adapt from their DNA in order to transform their bodies to be suitable to such an environment. That can take millions of years. Why human being can settle down to live anywhere in just one generation? Because we have such a complex brain that can manipulate things around us. In order to inhabit in every region on this planet regardless of the conditions of the habitats.