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Unlock Your Glutes

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-29)

All Natural If you want a natural yeast infection Unlock Your Glutes Review cure this is probably not the first site you have visited. You have likely read a ton of different natural articles dealing with a natural yeast overgrowth. Read on to see if any of the following sound like familiar advice Become a vegetarian, some sites will suggest that the overgrowth of yeast is caused in some way by the ingestion of meat and other products. They will tell you that a simple change of diet will give you a natural yeast infection cure. The problem is yeast and meat have little if anything to do with each other. Herbal treatments such as olive oil extract or oil of oregano are also touted as the best natural yeast infection cure you can find. What they do not tell you is these substances are potent and can have serious side effects. Olive leaf extract can be toxic to the liver! Flushing your system with copious amounts of water has also been suggested as a good natural yeast infection cure. Water is good for the body but as most people know too much of a good thing can be bad! When you take in large quantities of water, you can get what is known as water intoxication. This occurs because the level of sodium has dropped too low in your system. Fluid on the lungs, swelling and irregular heartbeat are all possible problems from too much water. You truly need a natural yeast infection cure that treats the underlying cause. All the drugs and natural cures in the world only treat the symptoms and as you can see, some of them can be quite dangerous. If you have oral thrush don't worry, oral yeast infection is one of the most common yeast infections. Oral thrush particularly hits young babies whose immune systems aren't fully developed. But it can occur in anybody. Here you'll discover what causes it, it's symptoms and treatments. Yeast infections in general are caused by the Candida albicans fungus which you can find in most of us. It's the job of your body's good bacteria to keep it from spreading and causing problems like yeast infection. The things that can cause the Candida to 'overgrow' into an infection are things that compromise good bacteria and 'feed' the yeast-like fungus. These are generally underlying conditions such as the overuse of antibiotics, the same with steroids, lowered immune system, bad diet, diabetes, medical conditions, long term illness, stress, body pH, etc.