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by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-29)

Guavas are often called as superfruits, CuraLin Review being rich in dietary fiber, folic acid and vitamins A and C. A single guava fruit contains as much as 4 times the amount of Vitamin C as an orange. It has a low calorie profile with rich dietary minerals, potassium, magnesium and copper. However, the nutrients vary across different cultivated Guava, it is found in more common varieties that containing 90mg of vitamin C per serving. It has a relatively high antioxidant value among the plant foodsGuava Leaves are also used traditionally in folk medicine as a remedy against diabetes. Since early '50s, Guava leaves in particular have been a subject of research in therapeutic effect against inflammation and pain. In the modern society today; Guava leaves are processed into similarity of tea. It is under high temperature processing technique and intensive quality control, owning its rich typical flavor and natural vitamin and Fiber to entrain supplement nutrition diet in human body when consumed.So it is suitable for everybody as a daily health drink to enhance the immune system in human body. It is good for Diabetics, high cholesterol, fat and high sugar content in blood.Embrace it, deal with it and learn more about your health and yourself than you may have ever imaginedHahaha I know everyone is thinking, should be common knowledge but isn't? This is common knowledge. But not so fast, here's where it gets interesting, for real. To be healthy for life we need to eat a diet that stabilizes our blood sugar (this goes for everyone not just diabetics), and does not spike it.