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The Favorite Foods Diet

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-28)

Keeping and feeling fit gives a boost to your The Favorite Foods Diet Review confidence and you are likely to be more productive in your work. You will generally feel healthy and upbeat. To get rid of flab is not an unattainable target. It is much more under your control than you can imagine. Lazy, ugly, fat and even stupid. These are all names that are regularly thrown at people who are overweight or have large bellies. Obesity is often associated with lack of proper diet, lack of exercise and even with just being too lazy to care about your appearance. Now, while a healthy diet is important, and we all know that we should exercise more there are many other reasons why some of us are simply bigger than others - and no, its nothing to do with how smart we are or how lazy we are. Here are some of the top reasons why you may be failing to lose belly fat, and why its not your fault. Your genes. Yes, there's no getting away from this one. If the rest of your family are big, then chances are you will be too. Our genetic makeup determines a lot about our body shape and size. Women who are pear or apple shaped, for example can often see this trait in their descendents. Don't fight it, it's a natural part of being you. Your Age. It's a sad fact that as we get older we tend to get fatter. One of the first places that fat starts to accumulate is around the middle. Hence the term 'middle age spread'. As we get older and weaker its also more difficult to undertake any strenuous exercise which make the problem even worse. Your lifestyle. By this I mean the circumstances that you live under. Most middle aged people have family commitments and work often takes over. This creates stress which is one of the worst contributing factors to being overweight and coupled with the lack of time for regular exercising, its not hard to see why many peoples lifestyle simply lends a hand to their weight gain. Ok, so that explains why you may be finding it difficult to lose belly fat, or just failing to get fit in general, but don't give up quite yet. You see, armed with this information you now know how to combat your particular problem.