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Combat Fighter

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-28)

As we cautiously peek at the evening newscasts Combat Fighter Review being televised on the TV screen we can take note of all the mayhem being generated by the various European nations as they face fiscal catastrophes entailing drastic infusions of loans to hold them afloat. Our national debt is essentially positioned no better when we grasp that the federal deficit is currently in the trillion dollar amounts. It may be flatly denied by those in public office but in effect America is bankrupt, we owe more money out then we are currently worth. Many are on the threshold of losing their homes as well as their future savings. A good many American families are without work and losing their means of livelihood. Fossil fuels, so needed for our transportation demands have sky-rocket in price leaving many to ponder how they can survive. Nothing will change. Things will remain the same as they are right now. We as a nation will persistently trudge along as our government continues to fling towards us small tads of hope after each and every crisis. Our elected officials are apt to sink our nation deeper in debt as they inject what they deem as stimulus money into the arms of overbearing industries. As a nation we will be obligated to initiate some fundamental adjustments in the way we do business in order to elevate our economic progress to a more positive level. No longer will it be acceptable to survive financially beyond our means but rather each entity in the economic food chain will revert to a physical-collateral system based upon what we own and what we owe. We will once again look at the books of life as being either in the black or in the red. Our third choose consists of continuing to formulate wrong economical decisions ultimately triggering our financial system into collapsing. The current arrangement of trade whether is based upon dollars, euros, yens or what have you, will be nothing more then entries found in a collectors book of past monetary tokens. When this occurs we will be able to honestly admit that our society has plummeted to one point short of pure chaos.