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The Red Tea Detox

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-24)

If you have been looking for the right way on how to The Red Tea Detox Review calculate BMI for men then you have found the right article for you. Now before getting into the calculation of the BMI for men, let us start with the basic details about BMI and what it is all about. Basically BMI which is also known as body mass index is used to calculate whether a person's weight is at a healthy level for his or her height. BMI even though used very frequently by men, does not usually tell a man if he is at a healthy normal weight but it does however indicate to men if he indeed is overweight or not. The reason for this is because muscle weights more than fat and since BMI cannot differentiate between fat and muscle it might not be a very helpful tool for certain group of men like athletes to use because of the huge muscle mass they have. Having said that, BMI does help most average built men. Now comes the part on how to calculate BMI for men. Calculating BMI is a very simple and easy process once you know how to use the formula properly. Basically, the formula for calculating BMI for men is weight divided by height squared or in simpler terms can also be seen as kg/m2. So what you do is simply take your height in meters (m) and times it by itself giving you the height squared. For example, a man who is standing at five-and-a-half-feet tall has approximately a height of 1.7 meters. So basically take 1.7 and multiply it by 1.7 to get your height squared as your first step which would give you 2.89.Now for the second step, just take that number and divide it into your weight in kilograms(kg).