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Erase My Back Pain

by gold stone (2019-05-21)

I kept this up for 2 days! By Erase My Back Pain the end of the second day my legs, including my knees felt horrible! I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Everything that I teach my clients and write in my books about my "D-BEST model" weren't working.It is quite common for patients to seek out care from a Chiropractor for an ache or pain. It seems logical right? Patients come in thinking that as soon as their pain is gone, they will be better. The funny thing is, patients do not actually come in because of pain. They seek out care because pain is preventing them from doing something they love to do. So they aren't motivated by pain necessarily, they are motivated to get back to a certain quality of life. As the wellness revolution continues to expand, we deepen our understanding of human potential and the expression of life. Studies of isolated populations have found members in those societies living between 120 and 150 years without evidence of disease.Dr. Eric Plasker said it best, "Many people spend the first 50 years of their lives ignoring their health while they accumulate wealth, only to spend the next 50 years losing their wealth to buy back their health. Knowing that your longevity potential is 100 years gives you an opportunity to place your health at the top of your value scale." Most people will spend more money on their "health" in the last two weeks of their life than they do their entire lives!The drugs and surgery boat is sinking when it comes to pain management. As a society we are fed up with the helplessness often associated with pain. The medical profession leaves us feeling as if our hands are tied. Their stance is either live with the pain, take a drug to dull the pain, or roll the dice and have surgery. "Maybe" it will help you feel better. They miss a great opportunity to educate the public. Perhaps the medical profession "misses the forest for the trees" at times. Do not be confused, this is not a medical bashing article.They do incredible work! There are many heroes in medicine. This article looks at the philosophies of two models of health care. In particular, we discuss the first branch of philosophy known as metaphysics. Metaphysics meaning what is the nature of reality? The medical study of the nature of health separates the human body into organ systems, cells, tissues, biochemical pathways and asks is there too much or too little of something? Their solution is often medication. They ask what can we put into this persons' body chemically, or remove surgically so that homeostasis can return?