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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-05-20)

Spirituality or Lutazene the spiritual is also needed in order to comprehend what might be the future, at least in the sense of a game like billiards. Just think of billiards in a spherical aspect, like the universe, or atoms and molecules which make up the universe all bouncing off of each other in the beautiful chaos which makes up life. Vision is not always that coming from the eyes through the brain and or mind. It can bypass the eyes, although the eyes are meant to give us the convenience of perception, and observation, again though not many actually see, so perceptions are not always correct. One needs to see before one is able to comprehend what is right in front of the eyes. Actually this is the practice, along with breathing, of learning just what life is, while at the same time realizing how much the spirit is involved. Consider observing without being observed, or at least able to observe with the lack of effect on the observed. Is that possible? Depends on the observer. Physics involves the physical sciences of which all life is a part of, so the spiritual aspect can not be ignored. Well yes it can be ignored, though it is only through great ignorance and arrogance that it is ignored. Many can not seem to comprehend the facts of the incomprehensible, which sounds of course obvious, though it is not, as before having said some things are truly inexplicable, though additionally through experience those same things can be known yet not explained. Point being, if it can be explained, is the fact that all things do not need an explanation, it is well enough to know, just know. Or consider why some people experience what they do in meditation; many do not reveal the true experience because life is not meant to reveal everything there is to know without experiencing the known. Along with the fact that so many have been persecuted for their so called crazy hallucinations or whatever.