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by gold stone (2019-05-20)

Thought it may sound contradictory, LumaSlim the most important thing you can do is drink lots of water. If you are dehydrated, your body will hold onto every bit it can. A diuretic is something that helps you flush water from your system. Foods, drinks, drugs and herbs can all have diuretic properties. But the absolute best diuretic there is, is water itself.Do not like drinking water? To be honest, that is like a car saying it does not like gasoline. It is imperative for your health that you are getting enough water each day. Try adding a little lemon or cranberry juice to your water to give it some flavor. Both of these will also help flush your body. It is best if you use unsweetened cranberry juice.Make sure that you always have water handy. Make a point to always carry some with you. If you work at a desk job, be sure to have a bottle at your desk that you can refill during the day. Sip the water, rather than just guzzling it down, as this will get it into the cells where you need it.Probably the next most important thing is to make sure you are not consuming too much salt. When your body has an excess of sodium, part of the response is to retain water. Take a close look at the foods you are consuming. Even if you do not add salt to your food, most packaged foods contain far too much. Soft drinks, in particular, are loaded with sodium.In addition to excess sodium causing an imbalance, insufficient potassium can also be at the root. Eating foods rich in potassium such as bananas and tomatoes can have a positive effect on water weight. Insufficient protein can also be a culprit in retaining water, so be sure that your diet includes good sourcesIf you are taking medications, talk to your doctor to find out if retaining water can be a side effect. Try to avoid taking another medication for a side effect of the first. This can create a domino effect that results in many prescriptions, for which no studies have been done on the combined side effects. Try an herbal alternative in that case that may be much gentler on your system.There are foods that have a diuretic effect as well. These include asparagus, watermelon, oats, lettuce, cucumbers, cabbage and carrots, to name a few. Drinks that can help include teas such as fennel, dandelion, juniper berry and green. Cranberry juice is also a diuretic however, as mentioned prior, this is best with no sugar added. It can be a bit difficult to drink this way, so you may want to dilute it with water.