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Memory Hack

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-17)

While the process of densification works on the Memory Hack global level of the whole of humanity and it's evolution, we also experience this at a micro level in our own lives. As above, so below so to speak. When we get angry we gradually relinquish however much awareness we have and we contract. We can feel it physically too. Pay attention next time you get angry. In fact, no! Do it now. Remember a situation when you were very angry or even enraged and recollect the physical sensations. Maybe the shoulders were tight, the jaws clenched, the face muscles hardened, the body movement more jerkey, etc... The more we are able to leave the situation behind quickly the less the effect of a single anger episode. Getting angry in and off itself can be a natural and healthy response. What isn't natural however is to keep on harbouring those feelings once the situation has dissolved. So the process of densification can stop or can last depending on how well we are able to keep focussing on the positive. Exercise off course is always great help in redirecting pent up energy. In a single day we may go through the process of densification and expansion many times. for instance everything may be going fine for a while and then we hear some bad news and all of a sudden everything is different. This can happen in an instant. We can go from relaxed to tense just like that. However the reverse is not quite so true, as in once we are in a dense/tense state, it is hard to relax again. Since that process of densification is going to happen regardless of our wishes for things to be different, by developping the ability to let it happen and observe the process we gradually train ourselves to let the event pass without having long lasting ripples. Embrace it, run with it and then you will outrun it. As we gain momentum in our ability to stay aware no matter what, the process reverses and we start our upward journey back to the light... more on that next month perhaps... Stress is a common problem - everyone deals with it to some extent in the normal course of their life. Small amounts of stress can even be positive things. It can put your body and mind into a more productive state, helping you get through the task at hand. If stress continues long term, however, it can lead to a number of more serious problems which can continue to escalate if not addressed.