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Floraspring Reviews

by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-17)

I tried INSANITY. Did about a week and a Floraspring Reviews half before I backed away as if facing a rabid dog, hands up, making conciliatory noises. My knees got crunchy. My ankles were sore, and my muscles felt as if lead ball bearings had been surgically inserted beneath my epidermis into their cores. What's strange is that I enjoyed the workouts. Shaun T casts a powerful presence in the room, and watching his backup crew cavort and struggle alongside you can't fail to give you a kick. But by the end of that week and a half I realized that those sixty days were going to batter and break me down. I just wasn't physically prepared for it.Does this mean nobody should attempt Shaun T's INSANITY? No. This program is designed for a specific group of people, and those people will exult in it. If you can sustain sixty days of over the top intensity, if your joints are healthy, if you already have experience and sufficient training such that overloading your system will not cause it to crash but rather work on through and come out the better for it, than this workout is for you. My boss is leading members of the Miami Police Department SWAT team through the workout, and they're loving it.So, before you throw yourself headlong into this program, before you deliver yourself to Shaun T's tender ministrations, ask yourself where your body's at. Again, it's not just a question of mental preparation. Can your body take this level of intensity? Can your body workout six days a week a maximal levels? While the workouts aren't at High Intensity Interval Training levels (HIIT), they are definitely at Threshold Training levels, where you're pushing yourself as hard as you can while still trying to remain on your feet for the forty minute duration of the workouts. If you think you've got what it takes, than press play and let Shaun T take you for his sixty day madness ride. If not? Do what I did, and back away slowly, hands raised, making conciliatory noises. Remember: this program is called INSANITY for reason.